Angelos Bratis: la Sfilata S / S 2015 alla Milano Fashion Week

A mermaid woman emerging from the Aegean waters: this is the theme of the new Spring Summer 2015 collection of Angelos Bratis. The greek designers, for the first time at the Milan Fashion Week, has surprised everyone with its geometric lines and colors of the sea.

At the Milan Fashion Week is staged the parade of Angelo Bratis, who makes his debut with the spring-summer 2015 collection. We had the pleasure of witnessing the enchanting fashion show of the new protégé of Giorgio Armani who got to her first once in Milan, an exceptional location, namely the Armani theater in via Marcona.
a collection, the designer of the Greek origin, inspired to summer and to his land, with an ethereal woman, who seems a siren checked by the waters of Mediterranean and dresses with colors of the sea: blue, light blue and gray.

Graphics and linearità

As always purist style Bratis, which is inspired by King George, choosing for his collection geometric lines and simple. For this spring summer collection 2015 the designer told that he was inspired to erotic paintings and architectural modernism Yannis Moralis, famous artist became part of the cultural debate in Greece in the 70 With the art of Moralis, Angelos Bratis shares a abstract and mathematical approach, but above a minimal vision and graphics.Sophisticated and ethereal the Angelos Bratis woman, who dresses his models in dresses and caftans, simple and versatile, suitable for any type of femininity, but also crepe de chine, Cady semi-stretch and scarves in silk twill that appear as modern pieces of design.

A siren in the Aegean

The young designer tells a love story in the Aegean islands during a summer holiday, with a collection that recalls, in every detail, the landscapes, the beaches, the white rocks and the hills of Greece. The silhouettes are soft, wearing loose clothing made of fabric for men’s shirts, kimonos and kaftans. The cut on the bias, in style Bratis, with volumes released from the body and free, as pushed by the sea breeze. asymmetrical lines that we find especially in jackets and trousers pajamas, swaying with each step.

Angelos Bratis as an ethereal woman, like a siren, who is aware of her femininity, but does not need to show it in a blatant manner. As demonstrated by the flowing lines, clean and elegant evening wear: the soft sheath dresses that glide over the body in dove gray, black, white and blue, cleverly mixed by greek designer. While the men’s jacket with asymmetrical zipper on the wide side becomes a must-have.

Bratis plays not only with color, but also with the lengths, and so we find in this new short dresses collection, but also skirts to the knee and below the ankle. To give the draperies flow and movement, combined with sandals that make it look like the models of Bratis just out of the water. Accomplices also hair from wet finish and minimal make up.