Alicia Vikander, Fashion Girl

Alicia Vikander is the fashion girl. The Swedish actress has become the claim of Hollywood and brands. Excellent actress, is Louis Vuitton girl and wears a praised style, that always shines on the red carpet. Without a doubt, this 28 year old Swedish, ex-Michael Fassbender, they have all the ingredients to become in a star and future it girl.

Alicia Vikander not only is the actress of the moment because he has achieved a SAG Award for the Danish girl, a nomination for an Oscar as leading actress in the Danish girl (prior to a double candidature for 2015 gold balloons, as lead actress in a drama for the Danish girl and as secondary by Ex machina), but because it has been chosen to join Matt Damon in the new installment of the saga of Jason Bourne. Their professional successes be added that is Louis Vuitton girl and that exudes charm and much taste on the red carpet of the world.

It became known in the year 2012 alongside Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina (2012), and then came the fifth power (2013), the seventh son (2014) and, above all, Ex Machina (2015) and operation U.N.C.L.E. (2015) these are the films that It has captured in Hollywood. But get to where he is now has been complicated. One of the worst moments was when she appeared to the casting of snow white and the legend of the Hunter (2012). He was a finalist, but at the last moment Kristen Stewart took the role.

Let’s talk about your style

The Swedish actress like, and a lot. Not only we have a star on the big screen, but it also shines on the red carpet. It makes a difference. They both that already marks raffle it. As the image of Louis Vuitton, in the most important events luce designs of the brand, but also bet by Chanel, Rodarte, Erdem Proenza Schouler, Valentino y Elie Saab.

Their future is clear that passes by become a new it girl. The great success of Alicia resides in cuts that pick. Usually be sheaths in seemingly simple creations, great fall and with marked waist, that they reveal their Super figure. The dress is your fetish for all kinds of events. It is in favour of the latest trends, it has indeed left us some look pants shorts remaining luxury.

His style is far from the Nordic beauty. Delicate, elegant, feminine… Alicia knows how to dress and convinces. In their street style is also very cute, with flirty dresses or jeans combined with one of your favorite clothes, the biker. For the day usually wear long loose hair and for special occasions dares with collected, particularly I think favor you less. And all the looks always complemented them with a discreet make-up.

In terms of your favorite colors, White is the undisputed leader, It also favours a lot with his swarthy complexion and her dark hair, but at the same time it is very partisan of the black and prints.

Plans for the future

Their future plans? We will see it in the romantic The Light Between Oceans, along with Rachel Weisz and Michael Fassbender (her ex); The period drama Tulip Fever with face Delevingne, Christoph Waltz, Jack O’Connell and Judi Dench; And Submergence, what’s new by Wim Wenders. And perhaps an Oscar?