Alberta Ferretti S / S 2015 Collection at the Milan Fashion Week

light fabrics, romantic colors, sensual transparency in a delicate game of flowers and lace: the Spring / Summer 2015 Alberta Ferretti between the ethereal and the boho-chic.

Elegance and delicacy, these are the two key words that echo during the parade of Alberta Ferretti for the Spring / Summer 2015 collection. And besides, how can disappoint the Italian designer who always gets the highest expression of femininity spokesman through lines from light and ethereal fabrics, for a beauty made, authentic, barely whispered.

bucolic atmosphere

The initial atmosphere is that of a real bucolic landscape, with ethereal  nymphs of the Woods with advancing light and delicate step, showing off a nude look, which is the first of the leitmotif of the entire show. Clothes long in diaphanous fabrics with sensual transparency fact envelop the woman Ferretti, tunics with just a hint of floral embroidery alternate with petticoat in style dresses and tops with oversized trousers. The palette of neutral colors acquires vivacity and well you balance the wee pastel shades, such as in the gradient mint-green of a dress in the Empire style with draped bodice and straps, a real mythological deities. The spring blossoms on instead of clothes Silk whose fantasy is nothing more than a mix of geometric and floral designs in shades of lavender, the bright pink, blue. The sandals can not but recall the Greek and Roman gods, with lacing the slave of up to knee height. A modern Botticelli’s Primavera could not ask for more.

The boho-chic style

Another element that makes its appearance in the course of the show, according leitmotif of the collection, is the fringe : declined in all colors and shades, from lavender to bright pink to periwinkle, adorns the edges of top and veiled outfits, transforming the ‘bucolic atmosphere in a mood years seventies, a remake of the style hippie in more key elegant, a kind of boho-chic with romantic side dishes but decided. Beautiful the combination of long dresses in white organza, ornate and precious details, with suede-colored leather vests or scorched earth, which give even more fluidity to all thanks to the addition of a cascade of fringes.

Accessories, too, seem to follow the same line: the straps are soft suede-course on the shoulder and show frayed edges, so did the mini-buckets to carry by hand. The sandals laced slave buy a note seventies if enriched with fine suede stripes. Light and smooth even the most casual elements: the chambray in shades of blue takes the place of denim trousers to be worn on clothing and soft, which dissolve at knee height in bare panels from veiled transparencies.