Aire Barcelona Collection

Aire Barcelona 2016: romantic special occasion dresses to the invite there are veritable cult models that will never pass sets, available in a color palette that allows us to splurge more neutral colours and pastel shades more formal agreements. We discover together the new line of Aire Barcelona for next year!

Aire Barcelona together with the new collection of wedding gowns 2016, presented a beautiful line of special occasion dresses, all garments are perfect for those who have to go to a wedding and want to wear a dress that doesn’t go unnoticed, refined and researched and refined in every detail, as if it were that of the bride. Your role is to simple invited or witness, or whether you are one of the bridal party, you won’t have any trouble finding a perfect dress, that fits perfectly to your silhouette and not jar with the mood of the wedding. Thus we discover together the new line of special occasion dresses of Aire Barcelona.

As for the bride, also for her friend invited to the wedding the possibilities are many as for variety of models that color; In short, we are sure that you will find the perfect dress for you and your friend’s wedding. But let’s start from the colour palette, which is the one that usually creates problems since, in theory at least, at weddings there are colors which should be absolutely avoided, such as white or black. So Aire Barcelona this year tries to please everyone with a varied palette with plenty of pastel shades, dusty colors, and even the neutrals, including even darker tones such as grey and black, for those who want to wear them.

Regarding the cuts, instead, go-ahead to the classic summer dresses in silk and chiffon, with bold embroidery or bodices decorated with tiny points of light, and of course to red dresses from entertainmentdns, ideal for a wedding taking place during the day or at all in those cases that do not require a high level of formality. Between clothes that rest gently on the silhouette and more structured models there is an embarrassment of choice, so you just have to take a look at our gallery and find your favorite among the new dresses Aire Barcelona 2016.