Again Moles: Jennifer Connelly

This girl makes me very pretty and although it does not appear follow on the red carpet and less on front pages since it was MOM, now we were able to capture it at the premiere of his latest work: The Day the Earth Stood Still, which appears already advertised everywhere.

And here’s to the smiling Jennifer Connelly He rose one of the trends that come and go from a few years ago: moles. We had already seen that REI Kawabukor we proposed t-shirts, shirts and pashminas in this pattern, but who is to say Katie Holmes and her look completely Comme des Garçons for H & M. But the Connelly chose a completely different sense for trend.

Jennifer decanted by a blouse in cream with black spots of good size, a black skirt of cigar box above the knee, bushy black stockings and BI platforms. So the focus of all the outfit was on the shirt of silk crepe which maintained the balance with shoes.

Don’t doubt that we will see more moles out there these days but I do not think the land stops by this.