6 Tips That Tell You That You Wear Inappropriate Bra Size

There is a reason why wearing that bra will torture you.

Today we explain it to you.

1. You literally have quadruple breasts

Finding the perfect bra size  is usually a difficult task . You may like the model and color of some, but it just is not designed for you. Sometimes you make the mistake of buying it  just because it’s cute, but then notes  or is too big, or uncomfortable and do not subject either breasts.

There are many perfect bras for every woman, and that one you’re wearing and only causes you pain and discomfort  you should change it already, and these are the reasons why you should do it.

The bra you are wearing is so tight that it crushes  and divides your breasts making it look like they were 4, not 2, as it usually is. All this causes you  never to be favored with any garment, because your breasts are too strangled to look natural and comfortable.

You should think about buying a bigger glass, your breasts will thank you.

2. The cup is so large that it tends to bend

This is when you notice that  the cup you are currently using is too big for you . You may notice that you are wearing an unsupported bra, as the upper edges of the bra are bent, as  there is nothing to hold in that area .

Decrease the size in a COPA (letter), or a pair,  until it fits perfectly  with the edges of your bust and picks it up correctly.

3. Adjust your bra on the last inner hook

The truth is that when you buy a new bra you must fit it on the first outer hook (there are usually two or three), so that your bra will adapt to your body over time. The back band of the bra tends to give of itself with the use, that is why  there is more than one hook, so that you adjust and tighten. The worst mistake is to fasten it immediately on the last hook, because afterwards you will not have how to adjust it more when it has loosened.

4. Your back band is higher than it should

When you look in the mirror  you may notice that the cup of your bra tends to fall, because the back band is too high on your back. The correct way is for the band to fit horizontally across your back, so that it fits just right with the cup of your bra. If it is very high, then it  is because you get too large of SIZE. Decrease the size of the band, because if you continue using a larger one will  cause your breasts not to become well and begin to fall.

5. Back and neck pains are constant

This happens because  the bra you wear is not the right one, because it does not correctly affirm your breasts. If you have large breasts ideally look for a bra that has a cup that covers a large part of your chest and has thick straps, so you will have a proper fit and you will forget those annoying constant pains.
If you buy a bra with a band that is not appropriate and you intend to get the support of your breasts to focus on the straps, then you are wrong. The pressure and weight of your breasts should not be on your shoulders, but on your back, but properly adjusted.

And do not think you will not find a nice one, as  pretty and feminine bras exist in all sizes.

6. You have “moles” on the back

It is not fat or overweight, it is just that your bra is so tight that it causes mollas to form on your back. To solve this you should try buying a bra that has a bigger band (more size).

TIP: In any of these cases, choose to throw all the bras that do not fit you and get yourself a pair of good bras. You will go much more comfortable and fast and all your clothes will sit you much better.

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