4 Different Ways To Combine Your Leather Jacket

There is no doubt that the leather jacket is an essential piece in the men’s closet. No matter what your age, lifestyle or tastes, there will always be a perfect jacket for you.

This is one of those garments that you can use without hesitation, because you will always find a way to combine it.

Whether your style is more executive or you have a super creative look, a good leather jacket will always be that “up your sleeve” that will blend well with the rest of your closet and give a simple attire the touch of distinction Which will make a difference.

We have several models of leather jackets designed for the man who likes to look good and we are sure you will love it. But not only that, in this note we give you ideas to combine them correctly.

Casaca To Reinvent A Formal Attire

When we think of a leather jacket, we usually imagine it with a super relaxed feel; Nevertheless, this garment can be the key to give a cool touch to your classic office look or to achieve a ‘preppy’ style.

If you thought that the only option to wear your leather jacket was to combine it with polo shirts and t-shirts, dare to innovate and combine it with your favorite shirts, pullovers and even a slim tie. You will look modern and elegant at the same time.

Jacket To Create A Layered Look

Nothing better than to take advantage of this cold season to play with different layers of clothing and complete your look with a good leather jacket. This type of combinations is very fashionable and has the plus of keeping you warm while still looking good.

The secret to this style is to use thin garments and overlap them, combining also the textures. You can start, for example, with a basic cotton polo, on which you can wear a frilly shirt or an open sweatshirt and complete the outfit with your favorite leather jacket. And if you opt for a single color, as in a ‘total black’ look, better yet, you’ll look casual but sophisticated.

Leather Jacket In An Unexpected Color

Are you the one who takes refuge in the dark colors during the winter? In these months we usually choose garments in shades like black, gray or dark blue.Break with the monotony and give your had a very contemporary and youthful touch. A good idea for this is to combine a monochromatic or basic color black-and-white outfit with a leather jacket in a lively tone.

You can choose basic garments such as jeans, a sweater or t-shirt and slippers.The chromatic contrast with a blue or red leather jacket will not make you go unnoticed. The result will really enchant you!

Coat With ‘Total Denim’ Look

Denim never goes out of style and in this year 2016, especially, using it from head to toe is a strong trend. That’s why, if you love comfortable clothes and want to look super good on a casual occasion, a chambray shirt and jeans in the infallible blue will be a great alternative.

To give you the special and different detail to this set, a leather jacket will be your great ally. Choose it in a brown or earth color to create a contrast, or perhaps in black, for an attire full of attitude, you decide!

As a time, a leather jacket in your wardrobe will allow you to create different holds for different moments. It is an excellent investment that you can enjoy for several seasons and that will put to your wardrobe that touch of distinction that only the leather of quality – like the one that distinguishes products – owns.

One last detail: when choosing a coat model from our collection you can request the service to fit your needs. Thus, you will really have the perfect leather jacket for you and you will look so good that you will want to wear it one thousand times.

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