3 Tips to Select the Size of Your Shirt

First you must pay the greatest possible attention to every detail when washing and ironing shirts can damage it and change the size if we don’t properly. Because at the time of purchase it if we take a very fair size, we could run the risk of not enjoying it. As a reference, and to complement the reading we leave these “Tips for a perfect shirt” from @trendhombre where we have taken a photo of this article.

The best example of the Perfect size of shirt, always see it in Pep Guardiola, who also represent the elegance by its sobriety and enviable lifestyle; her taste is admirable and that achieved to be impeccable and so perfect during all the hours that lasts a meeting; adding to this, the pre and post party. Can you imagine the amount of jerking that football teams technicians make? As we’ve seen countless times, but Pep stands and no imperfection does not escape him, and if by chance the tie is loosened, that spices up your elegant style with a chic touch. As we can see in the photo, definitely, Guardiola uses the perfect size and the length of the sleeves is also ideal.

Three elements affect us when buying a shirt and select a specific size:

1-neck: Important and decisive if you buy a shirt for use with tie, since it is more closed and the action we must take is including Walnut neck, Adam’s Apple. In the event that the model that you select does not contain the information of sizes in centimeters, there is always equivalent measures tables. We must then choose the size that fits us less, preferably counting two centimeters more for extra comfort.

2-sleeves: These must be slightly long, must exceed your wrist and insinuate reach the beginning of the hand. Again, I suggest, is to say that go a little, just a little down on the road between the wrist and the base of the thumb. It is an accurate measurement since the elegance and good dress dictate that the sleeves or shirts cuffs cannot upon leaving the sleeves of the jacket or American. Shirts and jackets must always be perfectly, we cannot afford to look like a puppet.

3-the body of the shirt: The best way to know the perfect long is to take a suitcase and trying to put it in the magazines top luggage from the aircraft cabins, then sit for 4 hours of flight and if arriving at our destination yet we have it inside the pants, that is the perfect size. Why is it so important to take precautions when selecting our shirts and the likes? On the one hand because it is very important to be comfortable with what we wear, we project ourselves better and we have more nice days. And on the other hand, because regardless of the fabric from which East made our shirt, they will shrink a bit in the first washed and further throughout his life especially now that most use dryers for the washing process. Even more to iron it, whenever our clothes through high temperatures, change tissues and tend to shrink and damage, so it is best to avoid sizes very fair.

As a final recommendation, remember to wash all your clothes using cold water to a maximum of 30° C, little spin and avoid the dryer always will have as first choice natural drying. And don’t forget to imitate the movements of Pep Guardiola in the tester before going to pay your new shirt to the box.

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