1980s Fashion Trends Style

As were walking around dressed the girls in the years ‘ 80? here are 12 things that were fashionable at the time.some remained and we still see today. other, thankfully, no.

For some in fashion, the years ’80 are the Decade to forget. For others were a decade crucial to the renewal of fashion. The truth lies somewhere in between. It is true that on the catwalk it started to exceed and to innovate, but it is also true that on the street they could see the ugliest and improbable outfits. Apart from someone who seems to appreciate them

more for fetish than anything else, today it is difficult to see certain trends degli anni ‘ 80 and not laugh, knowing that in the future will laugh at us too. Meanwhile, we see 12 things that were considered fashion in the years of Ronald Reagan and the fall of the Berlin wall, and that today we would see wearing only a few brave.

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Oversized Shirts

Gli anni ‘ 80 didn’t get along with the customized fashion. In fact the girls liked to wear clothes that in fagottavano in a way that is anything but glamorous. Just in that decade you could spot a creature for size S who wore an XL.

Leg Warmers

Videotapes of aerobics are another symbol of the Decade ‘ 80-‘ 90 is irreplaceable. To make these products so unique were not so much the exercises you did, because the trainers look. If you riesumiamo one somewhere, here is your calves that galore legwarmers Langeais appear well-turned of irreverence.

The Clip In Her Hair

Watching the above video workouts, to threaten us dangerously is another really scary. The clip in her hair. An unlikely piece of fabric more flamboyant colours can framed excessive typically 80s hairstyles. Here’s an example.

Transparent Plastic Shoes

Not just the dude de the big Lebowsky sundress was fond of this type of footwear, but also women who lived in the years ‘ 80 (but not only. There are several fashion houses that present even today). Comfortable? No. Belle? Not even. Who knows what were …

Fingerless Gloves

Also on the usefulness of this type of accessory would be discussed. Probably allowed greater autonomy, but it is also true that at that time there were no smartphones and even touchscreens.So it seems there is nothing that justifies their use. Among others, Madonna was a huge promoter of these gloves.

Plastic Jewelry

Because they were content to fingerless gloves and oversized t-shirts, why not go overboard with jewelry? Mega earrings and bracelets from geometric shapes and colours that more shocking you can’t were just a must in those years.

Blue Mascara

Here’s a little trick that, for those who want to attend a themed party, you really must. No makeup, black mascara and simple but a nice trick in style Cubism with an inconspicuous blue mascara No.And for terms good, spennellateci above even a good dose of the same colored eyeshadow.

The Denim Vest

Whether you like it or not, the denim jacket was considered really glamorous. But do not imagine the fantastic denim jackets that bring you today, because of the heavy clothes over to unwatchable nylon suits obviously oversized. To get into the true spirit of ‘ 80s (and 90 ‘s), this and more.

Psychedelic Stockings And Fuseux

A true classic of those years are definitely the psychedelic fuseux. But not only that: women often combined both miniskirts and cleavage in socks that the colors were a real punch in the stomach.Seeing is believing.

The Suit

Although today it is much loved by young people of the new millennium, the suit is rooted in ‘ 80.Moreover, wear it still has a slight retro feel. Perhaps the only garment that we save.

The Body With Belt

The body was definitely inflated in the Decade of excess. To attend gyms but also to go to some party and show off. But as if the body itself were a leader a little bit over the top, here’s what the ladies there were a nice belt that marked his life.

The Shoulder Pads

And last but not least, here’s another element that just one look will make us think of the penultimate diec’ years of the twentieth century: the shoulder pads. In the Office or out shopping, a woman there was ironclad. A nice giaccona with your back well over 90 cm. MAh!